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Butterfly Academy


Welcome to Butterfly Academy! It’s a school…without all the boring stuff! It’s a classroom like no other, just beyond the windswept meadow, under the bow of the old Maple, with tall stalks of colourful flowers gently swaying in the distance.

All young Monarchs must go through training at the Academy before they are allowed to go on the yearly migration. For generations, the young, inexperienced Monarchs are taught by those who have traveled the incredible journey. Recognized for having proved themselves worthy, our heroes, Patrick, Jennifer, Marty and Lily now have the privilege to pass on their knowledge to the next and younger generation of butterflies. But being named as an instructor doesn’t necessarily mean knowing how to teach, though! And these four have a lot of learning to do. Our instructors are forever foregoing the established lesson plans and replacing them with wild, unorthodox, and off-the-cuff teaching methods. The day’s activities quickly take a turn for the comical when flying lessons turn into running for your life lessons or harvesting seeds suddenly becomes an epic adventure in a maze of giant milkweed! Patrick, Jennifer, Marty and Lily are always filled with hilarious and ineffective ways to get themselves out of trouble but their disagreements and differences will test their friendships every day.

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