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carpe diem film & TV

Founded in the spring of 2004, CarpeDiem is a production company working in the audiovisual entertainment sector, mainly targeting the family. Thanks to the experience of its founder Marie-Claude Beauchamp, CarpeDiem can produce live action, 2D, 3D, stereoscopic and hybrid animation including CGI. 
CarpeDiem is dedicated to providing quality productions to its discerning audience of 3- to 103-year-olds, whether in the form of feature films, television series, music videos, mobile phone games or web games


 our vision

Nominated and awarded on several of its productions, CarpeDiem aims to be recognised as an Intellectual Property company that constantly seeks to conquer international markets with a 360-degree vision based on a collection of youth/family films and series.

Bureau de création



as a motto: we want to build strong relationships with our employees and all the stakeholders we work with on a project-by-project basis.


as a trademark: the diversification of our group's activities allows us to be present in a large segment of the value chain, from production to marketing of derivative products, including music exhibition, distribution, and publishing.


for DNA: we produce the films and series of tomorrow with a focus on developing original intellectual properties.


as a pillar: while creating most of our projects in Quebec, locally, we collaborate on certain projects with other producers and ensure international distribution.

Do you recognize yourself in our values?

Do you see yourself in this passionate, entrepreneurial and caring work environment? Are you looking for rewarding projects?

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