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Joy Eternal


13 x 11’ minutes

Joy Eternal is a mystery and adventure comedy as the audience is transported between visions of the earth and the afterlife they’ve never seen before.

Joy (16) floats in a vast empty Void along with other recently deceased people. She is told that she is worthy of the utopian afterlife. But she turns it down. She says she is responsible for the death of her parents – so she is not worthy. Right now, her parents are trapped in the awful City of Lost Souls, itself inside the belly of a giant monster that floats through the Void swallowing souls. Joy is determined to go in and get her parents to a better place. This is bad news for security intern Oogle (16) who is handcuffed to her and cannot find his key.
In reality, blame for Joy’s parents deaths lie with mega-corporation H&H, and the stakes for finding her parents unharmed, ramp up with the revelation that H&H don’t just operate in the world of the living, but also run this monster-ship as a kind of exploitative, privatised afterlife. If Joy can find her parents, they will each be able to combine a part of a code they stole from H&H which would spell disaster for the City of Lost Souls, but the most powerful beings imaginable are determined to keep that from happening. Even so, Joy’s compulsion to sacrifice herself are her greatest enemies, and they will cost her more than she can imagine.

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