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Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

1. Context:

CarpeDiem places paramount importance on the privacy and confidentiality of personal information in its possession. This policy is designed to ensure the protection of personal information and to specify how CarpeDiem manages the collection, use, communication, retention, and destruction of personal information. It also aims to inform all relevant parties about its practices and on the manner in which their personal information is collected through technical means and processed by the company.

2. Application and Definitions:

Our policy applies to all persons who interact with CarpeDiem, its website and all websites operated by the company. It defines personal information as data that directly or indirectly identifies individuals and defines sensitive personal information as data whose level of confidentiality creates high expectations.

3. Collection, Use, and Communication:

The studio collects diverse information for various purposes and ensures that individuals are informed about the type of information collected, its purposes and the method of collection. Principles include obtaining consent for the collection of information, limiting collection to necessary data, controlling access to information, and the limits of its disclosure, in compliance to legal requirements.

4. Retention and Destruction of Personal Information:

The studio commits to retaining data only as long as necessary, adhering to legal retention periods, or at least one year after the decision is made and up to eight years. After this period, it's either anonymized or securely destroyed.

5. CarpeDiem’s Responsibilities:

The Person in Charge of the protection of the personal information oversees compliance with legislation, policies, and practices relating to personal information. Staff members with access to personal information are also responsible for data protection, in accordance with this policy.

6. Data Security:

CarpeDiem is committed to implementing reasonable security measures to protect the personal information under its control. The security measures in place are appropriate to the purpose, amount, distribution, medium and sensitivity of the information. Limited access to information ensures that only staff with a need to know can access.

7. Rights of Access, Rectification, and Withdrawal of Consent:

To exercise its rights of access, rectification or withdrawal of consent, the person concerned must submit a written request to this effect to the Person in Charge, who must reply within 30 days or provide reasons for any refusal and available legal remedies available.

8. Complaint Handling Process:

Individuals wishing to file a complaint regarding the application of this policy, or the protection of their personal information should write to the Person in Charge. Complaints will remain confidential, analyzed separately and answered within 30 days. Where necessary, and a month after contacting the studio, complaints may be addressed to the CAIQ.

9. Approval:

The policy is approved by the Person in Charge of Personal Information Protection, and inquiries may be directed to this person at the following address:

10. Publication and Modifications:

The policy is published in simplified form on CarpeDiem's website and relevant portals. The official and complete version of the policy can be obtained on request. Any changes to the policy will be updated online or communicated to the persons concerned.

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