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The House In My Head

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52 x 11’ episodes 

For 4-8 year olds

The House in My Head is a series adapted from the French children’s book “Ma maison-tête” by Vincent Gagnon, better known as Vigg. The book won both the Harry Black Award for Children’s Literature and the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award in 2021.

Welcome to the world of 8-year-old Vincent. Vincent has loving parents who send him off to school every day like any other child. He has a devoted teacher, who’s kinda cool, and classmates he mostly gets along with. But his daily life is very different from that of his classmates. It’s hard for Vincent to get organized and finish what he’s doing – like any 8 year-old. He loses things and is forgetful. He finds it difficult to follow instructions. He is easily distracted by whatever happens around him - even by his own thoughts. Vincent is often overwhelmed by his emotions - like any child of his age. Except in Vincent’s case, they’re troubles that happen every day because he lives with a Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity (ADHD).

Luckily, Vincent has a way to solve his problems. He goes to a secret place he has visited his entire life, a place full of friends, a place he thinks he knows like the back of his hand: the house in his head ! The House in Vincent’s Head looks like a normal house, but once inside, fantasy and imagination reign! Wandering through the labyrinth of rooms in his head, Vincent has startling – and sometimes confusing encounters, which ultimately reveal a way out of his problem. So he can return to his everyday life with an original and unexpected solution to refocus and live better!

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